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So with great service there is always a cost. And it's not as high as you'd pay for bad service, right? The question always comes up, "What's your Commission?" That's simple... 6, 7 or 8%. What matters most is what you walk away with and not us...right? And when done right, 6% is all it takes most times.

The Market Property Group strives to inform the client of the best listing strategy out there. So you know what your bottom line is at all times. The breakdown of a standard 6% listing is as follows:

1- All clients will receive a marketing investment of 1% from our company. That's one percent of your home's value. With every 90 day listing we spend on average $1,250 per property in advertising in the first 32 days, after that we re invest in further proven strategies that get your home or land sold before the deadline. The advertising comes out of our pocket and WE EAT THE COST if your home doesn't sell!

2- In order to get the most out of those hard working buyer's agents, we offer 3% to them for bringing their qualified buyers to your door.

3- The remaining 2% of the commission is then left for our company to split. Thus, 6%.


We are now offering a 1% discount to sellers when we close the deal with one of our own buyers in house. This discount is also open to repeat clients who sell more than one home with us within a 12 month period. Then you are "Grandfathered" in at 5% for LIFE! (we like repeat customers)

Set a 15-30 min in home consultation with us today. You will not regret this opportunity and we look forward to working with you. Click Here to get the ball rolling!

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